Pinterest Spring Home Trends We Love!

If you’re looking to stage your home for the spring, or if you’re getting your home spring ready – you won’t want to miss these 2017 Spring Trends! We searched the top 100 trends for 2017 on Pinterest to find the ones we loved the most. Get ready for some Pinspiration!

Marble wallpaper



Thanks to this new trend, you won’t be spending an arm and a leg to give any room a touch of luxury.  With marble wallpaper available in a variety of looks and colours you’ll able to find the perfect wallpaper that will match your decor needs!




Copper is the new gold

You’ve heard it before, copper is the new gold in town! If you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, copper will add that perfect amount of elegance. Bonus tip – it works with almost any colour palate so it’s super versatile.

Indoor Vines


One of the simplest ways to freshen up your home is by adding indoor plants. Go a step further by stepping away from traditional pots and get introduced to vines. These plants are a lot less maintenance and will be okay with almost no sunlight too.

Modern Nightstands

Upgrade your bedroom with a modern nightstand. Gone are the days where your bed frame and nightstands had to match. Be bold and switch up the colour and even material of your nightstand to give your bedroom a modern edge.

Balcony Gardens



When you live in a city, you get used to having limited outdoor space. If you are fortunate it enough to have an outdoor patio or terrace make the most out of it by making it your outdoor oasis. Invest in smart, space-saving furniture to build your own mini garden in the sky. Look for shelving that you can keep outside to maximize your garden.

Hopefully these 2017 spring home decor trends have inspired you to either update an remodel a room in your home to get it spring ready!

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